Adelphi: Glen Elgin 14 year old (2006)

70cl Bottle

52.7% ABV

1 of 290 bottles

Distilled in 2006 and bottled in 2020 from cask 802271

Bottlers tasting notes: Drawn from a refill Oloroso sherry hogshead this has the colour of amber with an excellent bead. On the nose we found orange matchmakers, oranges marinated and flambéed in Grand Marnier with a hint of nutmeg and brandy butter. On the palate we found the bottom of an alcoholic trifle, chocolate thins, star anise & cinnamon. A mouth coating palate which leaves you wanting more.

Our own tasting notes: Jealousy... as we don't have one for ourselves so havent managed to try it.

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