Bad na h-Achlaise (Batch 2) 15/26

70cl bottle


Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

This is the second batch of the Bad Na H-Achlaise from the good folks at the Badachro Distillery. We don't know whish distillery the spirit is from but it is one peated and one un-peated cask from the same distillery. These are then married in a Tuscan red wine cask.

Producer's notes: This premium single malt Scotch whisky beautifully marries the complexities of peated and unpeated spirits, to produce a wonderfully balanced expression of the rugged and yet romantic north west Highlands.

Nose: Smoke infused with lemongrass and freshly cut hay, subsiding to unveil ripe peach and candied apricots.

Palate: Red berries sprinkled with a peppering of peat on the back of the tongue.

Finish: Highland breakfast of warmed oats and pouring cream with pockets of fresh fruits. All enjoyed from an oak spoon.

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