Beyond the Box: It's a Mystery!

Date: Friday 29th May OR Saturday 6th June

Time: 8.30pm

How: Zoom (you don't have to have an account)

What's included: 4 x 50ml drams, free local delivery and some whisky witterings from Will & Helen via the internet.

Which drams will I get? We're not telling! We have selected 4 absolute belters but want to keep these a secret until you have tasted them. You'll just have to trust us...

Local Delivery: Free local delivery within 5 miles (ish) of Dunkeld.

UK Postal delivery: £5 P&P and can be added at the checkout from the drop down menu.

Please order your tasting pack by 5pm on Sunday 24th May.

50ml drams are a double measure so these are perfect for sharing with someone else in lockdown with you or enjoying half during the tasting and the rest later. Otherwise, you're highly likely to be smashed by the end of it... Please drink responsibly.

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