Highland Boundary: Birch & Elderflower Spirit

50cl bottle

40% ABV

Distiller's Notes: Our first release is Birch and Elderflower Wild Scottish Spirit. It’s a modern Scottish spirit, inspired by Scandinavia. We use birch buds and elderflowers lovingly picked from spring woodlands near our on-farm distillery. We work our magic with them and copper distil them to produce a smooth, tantalizing and surprising flavour with a long, warm aftertaste. It’s unlikely you will have tasted anything like this before.

Enjoy as a shot, over ice or if you prefer something longer, try it with soda water and pop in a slice of apple. Perfect with seafood or pasta; at the end of a long day with your feet up; or with friends on a wild night. It’s a great alternative to gin or vodka in cocktails.

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